A Huge range of starters for meat, fish  and vegetable lovers, made with the finest spices, ranging from Tandoori chicking wings, chicken or lamb tikka, King Prawn Butterfly to mixed platters for 2 and 4 people.

Chefs Recommendations
A great selection of the finest food recommended by the chef!, with choices from Mossala Dishes, Balti Specials, Home Style Dishes, to special Fusion Dishes.

Set Meals 
These meals are set to give you some of the best food the Rajashahi has to offer, with Starters, main courses, side dishes, and Sundries for 2 & 4 people.

Main Courses
Plenty of choice and flavour here

  • Rogan Josh Dishes - A special preparation with garlic, garnished with tomatoes & spices , a slightly dry dish.
  • Pathia Dishes - A combination of chilli, lemon & sugar creating a sweet sour taste.
  • Dansak Dishes - A special preparation with lentils, pineapple and lemon with spices to produce a sweet sour and hot taste.
  • Korma Dishes - Most suitable for beginners, a delicate preparation with cream & mild spices producing a rich, creamy & very mild texture.
  • Bhoona Dishes - Thoroughly garnished with onions, green peppers, tomatoes & selected spices for a medium dish.
  • Dupiaza Dishes –  A maximum quantity of onions, oriental spices and green pepper with a medium taste.
  • Sagwalla Dishes - Combination of spinach, garlic, onions & fresh spices to produce a fairly drydish.
  • Malaya Dishes - A special preparation with pineapple and banana, a mild dish.
  • Soraya Dishes - A special preparation with bananas, a mild dish.
  • Curry, Madras, Vindaloo Dishes - Curry dishes are in medium (basic), fairly hot (madras), or hot (vindaloo) spicy sauce. Phal is very hot.
  • Biriani Dishes - Basmati rice cooked with mild Oriental spices, flavoured with Saffron. Served with vegetable curry.
  • Rajshahi Biriani Dishes - Marinated in tikka sauces and cooked in a tandoori oven to perfection. The cooked woth Basmati rice and mild Oriental spices, flavoured with Saffron. Served with vegetable curry.

Tandoori Dishes
Tandoori dishes are marinated in a special mixture of Eastern spices and yoghurt. They are then cooked in a tandoori oven and served on a sizzler.

Vegetable Dishes
The Rajashahi offers a Wide range of vegetable dishes bursting with flavour and a wonderful aroma unique to each dish.
Rice and Nan breads
A selection of rice and bread to accompany your meal.